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Worship & Fellowship



  • We gather each Sunday at 9:30am to hear God’s Word, receive the Lord’s Supper and respond in praise and thanksgiving! In the past, we have offered two worship services, an early traditional (liturgical) service and a later contemporary service but since COVID we’ve been only able to offer one blended service—but it’s great! Our music is terrific, our preaching is solid and God’s grace is experienced in manifold ways! Join us!
  • Maundy Thursday, March 28. Tonight’s service is unique! Called a service of the Upper Room, we will convene in the parsonage, above the sanctuary (use outside or inside stairs). Where an “upper room” will be prepared, simulating what it might have been like that night when Jesus had His “last supper” with His disciples. Lower tables with floor pillows, candlelight, first-century décor and “seder” feeds: lamb, bitter herbs, wine, unleavened bread, etc. And because Jesus washed His disciples’ feet as an example of servanthood, we too will offer foot washing as an optional worship experience. Communion will be tableside with special music offered. Join us at 6pm this night!
  • Good Friday, March 29. This year we will offer a Tenebrae service, meditating upon Jesus’ seven last “words” from the cross. One by one the seven candles are extinguished, symbolizing Jesus’ waning life, and the sanctuary becomes increasingly dark. In the end, the Bible is slammed shut, symbolizing Jesus’ death. Join us for this most solemn of worship services.
  • Resurrection Sunday, March 31. He is risen! We offer a beautiful beachside sunrise service at 6am as we remember that it was early in the morning when the women made their way to Jesus’ tomb. We blow the trumpet at our regular 9:30am service as we let the bells ring and shout our praises: He is risen indeed! Our sanctuary is decorated beautifully, our music and our preaching is at its best as we celebrate this most festive of days. Invite your family and friends to join you!
  • Easter Breakfast and Egg Hunt, March 31. In between our two Easter services, we’ll enjoy the simplicity of coffee and doughnuts together but then, following our festive 9:30 am service, the children will enjoy an egg hunt and everyone will feast at our delicious Easter Brunch. Bring a generous dish to share!
  • Thanksgiving Eve, November 20. We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing—and to thank Him for His manifold blessings to us! Join us for this time of reflective thanks followed by a tasty pie social.
  • Christmas Eve, December 24. While this service has yet to be planned, be assured we will be celebrating Jesus’ Nativity in a special way!


We need volunteers to help with all these services: ushers, greeters, acolytes, communion assistants, Altar Guild helpers and a myriad of other tasks. Don’t wait to be asked: volunteer!





At LCG, we love to celebrate…just about anything! Here are some of our usual fellowship events…


  • Mardi Gras Pancake Supper & Talent Show
  • Lenten soup & bread suppers (Wednesday nights before worship/study)
  • Easter Sunday Breakfast
  • Mother’s Day Café
  • Father’s Day Café
  • Liberation Day (July 21) festivities
  • Oktoberfest (celebrating Lutheranism’s Germanic heritage)
  • Advent Progressive Dinner
  • Christmas Cookie Exchange
  • Dolphin Watching/Snorkeling Boat Cruise
  • Tender Shepherd Teachers’ Blessing


And there’s more! There are frequent impromptu gatherings to celebrate birthdays, promotions, weddings and life—and almost always these gatherings involve food! We eat well at LCG! Because our members come from such different cultural backgrounds, our potlucks are amazing! Jesus told us to love one another—and our fellowship events are designed to help us do just that!

Ministries that we support! We are but a part of the worldwide Church and so we want to partner with other expressions of the Church that all the world might know the Christ we know! To that end, we offer (at a greatly reduced rental) our sanctuary on Sunday afternoons to two others congregations:


  • Guam Vineyard Church meets at 1pm on Sundays, and at a few other times during the week. How privileged we are to offer a base and hospitality to this mission start! (Include the link here.)
  • The Marshallese United Church of Christ meets at 4pm on Sundays, worshipping God in their unique Micronesian way! On occasion we join forces with these fellow believers, too, and celebrate that we are family because of having one Heavenly Father.


For many years it has been our practice to tithe our income and so we give away 10% of the tithes and offerings we receive. Last year this amounted to $16,000 with which we were able to bless the following partner ministries…


  • Pacific Islands University! We have had a longstanding relationship with this Bible-teaching college here on Guam, preparing Micronesians and others for church and community leadership.
  • Pacific Missionary Aviation.! Another longstanding relationship has been our association with PMA. Providing not only aviation services on Palau and Yap, PMA and its affiliate, Pacific Missionary Fellowship, provides spiritual support through its missionaries and churches.
  • Prison Fellowship! Ministering to 550 inmates at our Guam Department of Corrections prison, PF offers weekly worship, counseling, Bible studies and a bridge to the outside world when released. Part of Prison Fellowship International, PF-Guam supports a full-time chaplain and dozens of volunteers, including some from LCG!
  • Wycliffe Bible Translators! An international and historic Bible translation society, Wycliffe has an active presence through Micronesia. We help provide support for translators working to bring God’s Word into the mother tongue of our Micronesian people.
  • LCMC! We send a modest contribution annually to support the organization with which we are currently affiliated, Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ.
  • Undesignated Benevolence! Throughout the year, we become aware of various ministries with various needs behind which we decide to stand. A pool of funds allows us to help out these other Christ-centered causes.


And, of course, like most congregations, our individual members opt to support a number of other ministries worldwide, as well. We have been blessed to be a blessing!

Lutheran Church of Guam